Activity shop & website update

Our first full Christmas season at Pyhä Igloos is behind us, and we’re glad to say that your feedback and comments have been heart-warming reading. We had guests from 16 different countries during the holiday season, and a lot of you were visiting Lapland for the first time. Were delighted to see our review rankings skyrocket online, and we are grateful for every single one of our guests for choosing to stay in Pyhä Igloos.

With that being said, it’s always our priority to make sure we offer the best service possible. While we’ll never try to compete with any 7-star luxury hotels, our aim is to simply offer an authentic Lappish experience, with a comfortable room and great surroundings. Your feedback has been invaluable in our work, and we always appreciate it very much so.

And as of right now, you’re looking at our brand-new website. This complete overhaul of our web presence comes directly from you, our guests. You wanted an easier way to choose and book activities and experiences, and we worked very hard to make it possible. Our website now directly offers activities in Pyhätunturi from our partners, and you can reserve these activities for yourself with one click, and have the knowledge that these are activities provided by our contracted partners and friends, and they are all of the highest quality.

We hope you’ll enjoy this update. We hope it leads to you, our guests, to spend less time clicking, and more time experiencing!

Mika / Pyhä Igloos Team