Ecological igloos

Healthy log building

The igloos are crafted from Lappish timber, a material that breathes, endures and is natural. It absorbs carbon dioxide; therefore, the carbon footprint of buildings is low. Log buildings never have dampness or mould issues. In addition, all radon gas produced from natural soils and protection from such have been considered during the construction of the igloos. The air inside the igloo is fresh and healthy.

Observing energy consumption as the basis for sustainable operation

We also make sure we are ecological with energy. The igloos are primarily heated using geothermal power. The solar panels on the igloo roof capture solar energy, with each igloo fitted with an air heat pump giving heat in the winter and coolness in the summer, which also reduces consumption. The electricity we use is ecological, green electricity.

Recycling and ecological materials

Recycling is a natural part of our service concept. By selecting ecological materials and supplies and avoiding over-packaging, we uphold our love of Lapland’s nature. We also collect bio-waste in our composter.

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